TURNER Natural Weight-Loss, Your Solution to a Healthier, Happier Life

TURNER Natural Weight-Loss, Your Solution to a Healthier, Happier Life - TURNER New Zealand

Losing weight is about more than shedding unwanted fat. It’s about restoring your health, confidence, and wellbeing. TURNER Natural Weight-Loss i s an all-natural, holistic solution designed to help you meet your goals safely and effectively.

Our unique tailor-made formula contains 10 potent fat-blasting, carb-blocking, digestion-enhancing superfoods, including botanicals, adaptogens, herbs, and probiotics, all sustainably sourced from New Zealand’s pristine and abundant treasure trove of potent and bioavailable natural resources.

Our proprietary blend is packed with organic, all-natural ingredients known for their potent weight-loss and health-enhancing benefits. Wakame seaweed, harvested from the pristine ocean waters off the New Zealand coast, is the star of the show. Low in calories and packed with nutrients, Wakame i s renowned for its ability to boost metabolism and promote fat loss.

A serving of wakame also contains about 28% of the RDI of iodine, a nutrient crucial to proper thyroid function, balanced hormones, and weight management. Research shows wakame seaweed may reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, and improve insulin resistance, essential features for weight management and overall health.


TURNER Natural Weight-Loss also contains green tea, one of the most well-known superfoods of all. A natural source of energy, green tea is the primary ingredient in TURNER FREEDOM. Green tea is loaded with nutrients such as catechins and antioxidants, including Epigallocatechin (EGCG), known for its ability to combat heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

Green tea also reduces inflammation and promotes healthy cognition, circulation, and appetite control. Other White kidney bean extract i s another hallmark of our handpicked blend. This extract contains a protein (α-amylase blocker) that blocks carbohydrate absorption and helps burn fat reserves, suppress appetite, and regulate blood sugar. Kiwifruit enzyme, another element in this carefully curated solution, helps break down proteins and, along with dandelion root powder, beetroot powder, and Bioperine, supports healthy digestion.

Other superfood ingredients, such as grape skin and grape seed extracts, curcumin, and pine bark extract, provide a host of incredible benefits, including combating free radicals and inflammation and enhancing cognition, mood, energy, and skin health.

Like all TURNER products, our Natural Weight-Loss supplement, sourced from New Zealand’s stunning and abundant natural treasure trove, is designed with your health and wellbeing in mind.

Safe, effective, and all-natural, this weight loss supplement is like no other. Take the first step toward achieving your best, healthiest life; purchase your bottle today.