Calcium: A must-have mineral

Calcium: A must-have mineral - TURNER New Zealand

The infamous “got milk?” made Calcium’s role in building strong bones well-known. However, calcium is involved in many more bodily processes than one may realize! It might be surprising to learn that calcium is needed to maintain blood pressure. Cellular communication and muscular contraction both rely on this mineral, too. Calcium is crucial for a healthy clotting response. The release of hormones and enzymes depends on calcium. Calcium is needed to maintain cell membrane stability and protect against immune hypersensitivity. And these are just a few of calcium’s many talents!

Many high-calcium foods come from milk products. With conventional agriculture being so questionable and lactose intolerance being so prevalent, many avoid their consumption. Plants can contain calcium, but their uptake can be hindered by plant compounds. Genetic factors and pre-existing conditions can further inhibit absorption. As a result, reaching one’s calcium goal can be difficult. If intake is below the requirement for prolonged periods, we end up with a deficiency. With a deficiency, we can see osteoporosis, osteopenia, brain fog, muscle twitches, vision problems, hypersensitivities, numbness, tingling, depression... Needless to say, neglecting one small mineral can yield many problems!

If consuming calcium has become difficult, it may be helpful to supplement. However… not all calcium supplements are equal! Many on the market are synthetic and lack the synergistic vitamins and minerals that assist calcium in doing its job. Without synergists, calcium can cause harm. Our TURNER Calcium Plus* is a natural, whole-food calcium supplement complete with vitamin D3 and K2, and minerals like magnesium, iron, boron, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and zinc. Superfoods are included within our formula to increase absorption and support bodily functions like energy production and healthy inflammatory response. Because it is a “whole food” supplement, it is arguably more bioavailable to the body and can provide more targeted nutrition.

While there are many calcium supplements on the market, TURNER’s process of production is rather unique: we source our main ingredient from sustainably-raised, wild-caught New Zealand fish bones. This makes our product free of fillers, GMOs, shellfish, dairy, yeast, corn, nuts, wheat, soy, and gluten. We cold-press our raw materials in production to avoid their oxidation and we take extra steps to test and ensure our product is free of PCBs and heavy metals (like mercury). Calcium Plus provides you with abundant vitamins in minerals in a form suitable to your body… without questionable extras!