How Can the Right Dietary Supplements Help Prevent Aging?

How Can the Right Dietary Supplements Help Prevent Aging? - TURNER New Zealand

No matter if we like it or not, aging happens to all of us. For some of us, it takes until the ripe age of 70. For others, it may set in that horrifyingly young age of 25. Regardless of your situation or genetics, relying on dietary supplements can help delay some of the physical and cosmetic effects of aging. But not all are going to be of the same caliber.


You’ve probably heard of omega-3s and antioxidants and their anti-aging properties, which is very much true. However, when sourced and understood correctly, New Zealand collagen peptides can offer you some dedicated help to turn back the clock. Here’s what you should know.


What are some of the physical components of aging?

When you think of anti-aging, you probably think of serums and other topical products. Since aging is a biological process, though, and can have both physical and cosmetic effects, you’ll find that support is going beyond skin-deep -- literally. Anti-aging can take on the form of many issues, including those with..


1. Joints and mobility

Everyone feels it a little bit differently. For some, it’s longer soreness after a workout that may lead them to skip a run the next day. Others feel it more in morning stiffness when they get up, both in their joints and muscles. Those who have repetitive movements such as typing or bending may also notice that the fatigue or pain sets in much faster and lasts longer. Mobility and joint concerns are common chronic problems as we age.


2. Dry, unhealthy skin

Our body naturally reduces producing collagen from the young age of 25. This can take the form of fine lines and softness to the skin on the face that leads to premature aging. It also can dry the skin out and make for a longer recovery time after a cut or wound.


    3. Thinning hair

    Everyone out there is hunting to find the miracle cure for hair regrowth. While hair loss tends to impact men before women, both will deal with thinning hair that is brittle, prone to breakage, and simply thinning out with every shampoo. It is one of the most apparent signs of aging, but it can happen in ages as young as the 20s.


    How do dietary supplements help?

    Now that some main signs of aging are there for the world to see, how do dietary supplements help? Take a look at some of the most essential ingredients:



    When it comes to aging inside and the outside, collagen is a core ingredient to any practical supplement. While it will help significantly with skin health, let’s look at what it will do for joints and mobility. Sore joints and muscles can be relieved with proper collagen supplementation. A building block in helping create strong joints, connective tissues, and muscle mass, collagen will help you get that spring back in your step that you’ve been missing.


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    Vitamin C and grape seed extract

    When you rely on a supplement that helps hydrate skin and gives it that glow, like those containing vitamin C and grape seed extract, you’ll look your best. Grape seed extract also works at fighting free radicals, which can cause premature aging too.


    Kiwifruit extract

    Another powerful ingredient to put to work is going to be kiwifruit extract. This is going to do all sorts of options for aging, precisely the hair. According to recent studies, kiwifruit extract can prevent hair loss before it happens and also help stimulate hair growth too.


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      What to look for in the right anti-aging supplements

      For a natural potency, you can feel, trust a grass-fed collagen peptides powder from New Zealand. With a pristine and unpolluted environment that produces supercharged ingredients due to the natural hole in the ozone layer, those ingredients sourced from NZ will be the strongest natural ingredients on the planet. 


      The grass-fed part of the supplement is essential. When relying on grass-fed, free-range New Zealand cattle as the source of collagen, you are getting a concentrated and lean protein that will give you the strongest collagen with all of the body’s peptides in one source. You’ll also know that there are no chemicals, antibiotics, or other filler added to their diet to make them “better.” Nature knows best, after all.


      While there is no such thing as a cure for aging, and aging itself will happen at a different pace, it is nice to know that you can rely on dietary supplements to help in any case. You may as well enjoy a better quality of life, after all, right? The right choice for an anti-aging dietary supplement is going to be the key to doing just that.