5 Seafood Choices that Have Great Health Benefits

5 Seafood Choices that Have Great Health Benefits - TURNER New Zealand

Many of us have our favorite foods and will eat with a carefully chosen selection of those favorites.  This is great for preferences and grocery shopping, but a varied diet is a crucial part of a healthy life.  One of the commonly skipped-over areas is seafood. It is a delicacy to many, and it also has a power nutrient profile that deserves a close look when adding it to your personal menu!


Top 5 seafoods Great Health Benefits

So many people see seafood as a luxury, especially when it comes to the idea of going to specialized restaurants.  True, seafood is often gourmet!  But it’s also a great nutritional hub that can not only taste delicious but also bump your daily profile for those commonly overlooked vitamins and minerals.  Take a look.


1. Seaweed

Sea vegetables are lovely choices for nutritional benefit, though many are quick to think of them as beach debris and skincare products! Loaded with Manganese, Folate, and Sodium, seaweed is a great choice to add to your diet however you can.  Even in small serving sizes, the nutritional power is a great consideration point.


2. Green-lipped mussels

While not as popular as other mussels, perhaps, green-lipped mussels are excellent choices for nutrition. They have high omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and iodine in them.  These are great to enjoy in their whole form for those who enjoy mussels, or you can enjoy them in supplement form with the extraction of green-lipped mussel oil for those that prefer it that way.

 Green-lipped mussels

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3. Octopus

Amongst the most challenging to cook, octopus itself tends to be chewy. However, it’s a great source of Vitamin B12, Selenium, and Iron.  It’s a rich nutritious seafood choice that you’ll either love or hate -- very few are in the middle!  If you love to cook, getting octopus “just right” is a challenge that will define your skills!


4. Calamari

A nutritious source of copper, selenium, and B2, this is a low-fat choice that is commonly served in stews or pasta dishes. This is a popular delicacy amongst those who enjoy the taste of gourmet food.


5. Sardines

Affordable compared to many kinds of seafood, sardines are a great nutritious option. Tinned sardines are the most popular worldwide, but fresh and flash-frozen are great, too.  They are rich in Vitamin B21, D, and Selenium.


How to make the best out of your choices

You have to admit that this information is certainly compelling!  If you want to make the most out of it, the tips below will help you add them to your diet and cook them to preserve their nutrition benefits (without compromising on taste!)


Fry with caution: 

Fried fish is the way to go for many people. Perhaps coated in a marinade or seasoned literally.  While it undoubtedly will taste good, you can add in a lot of extra fat, salt, and sugar.  Frying your seafood is perfectly fine, but watch your oil.  Only use the bare minimum and rely on olive oil (especially the light olive oil) for the best nutritional profile.


    Steam liberally:

    From fish to sea vegetables, steaming is your best choice when you want to cook thoroughly but preserve the nutritional profile as much as possible This requires no oil and uses hot steam to cook your food thoroughly.  Many find that it preserves moisture in their food, too, instead of drying it out.


      Go light on the seasonings:

      There’s no harm in seasonings. Many people rely on those to help enhance the flavor of seafood.  As much as possible, though, stick with them in moderation.  Loading your choices with many seasonings will backfire regarding the nutritional benefits, and going too heavy can also destroy the flavor!

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        Mussels recipe

        Don’t overlook the potential of supplements

        Most people who dislike seafood will be heavy-handed with seasonings and marinades specifically because they mask the taste.  If this is the situation that you are in, supplements can offer you a reprieve!  Just because you have a strong dislike of seafood doesn’t mean you should necessarily miss out on the health benefits that it offers, after all.


        One of the best examples of this is green-lipped mussel oil supplements.  These are easy to swallow and will deliver a potency in their active ingredients that will be perfect for those who want all of the health perks and none of the taste.


        Another play on this is going for dulse instead of seaweed!  If you love the chewy and salty appeal dulse as a snack, it can often be more manageable than steaming up a plate full of seaweed itself.  It also gives you a healthier alternative to chips or other salty treats that many go for.


        While seafood does come with the reputation of being high-end, it is an excellent niche for those that want to enhance their nutritional profile.  The critical detail here is to find smart ways to add in new favorites, and before long, you’ll be enjoying a varied diet that is going to be even more delicious than you would have thought!