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Green-Lipped Mussel Oil, TURNER New Zealand,
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Green Lipped Mussel Oil plus UAF1000+ Super Antioxidant


"It can be hard to maintain an active lifestyle, as we get older. TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil can manage and help to suppress the inflammatory processes, which rob us of our mobility and vitality and that results in a lower quality of life." – Alec T.
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Faster Joint Comfort 

and Mobility

A unique and propriety blend of Omega-3 from Green Lipped Mussel Oil combined with Super Antioxidants

Speeds the recovery and promotes mobility of stiff or damaged joints.  

53X More Powerful

Independently proven to be 

53X more anti-inflammatory 

than other green-lipped mussel

oil supplements.  

Natural Joint Pain Relief  

100% naturally pure ingredients from New Zealand, including New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel oil, which has been extensively researched for joint health and mobility.


Feel Better In 3-months 

Or Your Money Back 

How does it Work?

Over time, low-grade inflammation will breakdown the key structural proteins and damage joints, resulting in constant pain, stiffness, and a progressive loss of joint mobility, so reducing inflammation is your best solution.

Human clinical studies and scientific evidence confirms that the unique types of Omega-3 oils found only in New Zealand green lipped mussel oil, are particularly effective at managing joint pain because they have strong anti-inflammatory properties that suppress inflammation and protect the sensitive structures within the joint, enabling it to repair and renew, naturally.

Healthy Inflammation
A healthy immune system with a controlled inflammatory response is essential to our survival. Still, this process sometimes spirals out of control and needs our help. TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil contains one of the most powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatories on the planet. - we have filed a patent because it is that good!
Inner Fitness & 
Healthy Gut
A hectic, high-pressure lifestyle impacts the quality of our food and overall gut health, leading to low energy and dysfunctional wellbeing. Optimal health generally starts with a healthy gut and well-balanced gut bacteria. TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil, combined with whole organic food, clean water, and regular exercise, helps restore optimal health, lift energy, and promotes a healthy weight.
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If you are dealing with chronic joint pain, then you should try TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil 

– Risk Free

... “I’ll be taking it for the rest of my life and I will always be offering it to my patients”...

Dr. Scott Young

... “I’ll be taking it for the rest of my life and I will always be offering it to my patients”...

Dr. Gregg Friedman

 ... “The chronic pain I had for 20 years ...Its Gone, Its Been Gone for 14 months... and it was the Best Decision I made,..... It has given my life back ”...

Michael Leffler

What is TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil?
TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil is an oil extracted from green-lipped mussels. The end product, in this case, is not the powder from the green-lipped mussel as many people know it, but the oil from the mussel powder, which is about 20 times more concentrated. This oil consists primarily of omega fatty acids, so-called lipids in the form of phospholipids.
What kind of lipids does TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil contain?
The lipid extract from green-lipped mussels is rich in phospholipids. Phospholipids are the main component of our cell membranes and essential for our cell health. We also add natural Astaxanthin from the blood rain algae to the product. The carotenoids contained in Astaxanthin are potent antioxidants that have quite a few health benefits. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered by science. The combination of Omega-3 Black, Astaxanthin, and UAF1000+ plant extracts make TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil an exceptional product.
Why do we not use fish oil?
Although wild-caught New Zealand fish quality is excellent, we do not use fish oil in our TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil product. For us, only oil from the green-lipped mussel comes into question for our omega-3 product, as it has several advantages over common fish oils. Green-lipped mussel lipid extract contains the two omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and ETA, an omega-3 fatty acid that has a particularly positive effect on inflammation, and another 15 types of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oils are often highly processed, are highly heated, and the omega-3 fatty acids are usually added to the product afterward in a synthetized form.
Does this product cause unpleasant belch after consumption?
No, the capsules do not cause a fishy aftertaste or unpleasant belching, as is often the case with fish oils. The capsules of TURNER Green-Lipped Mussel Oil are small and extremely easy to swallow.
What is so unique about the green-lipped mussel?
Decades ago, researchers discovered that the Maoris, even in old age, enjoyed an excellent condition of their joints. However, this was only true for the Maoris living on the coast. In search of the cause, the researchers came across the green-lipped mussel, which played a significant role in the diet of the coastal inhabitants. Researchers discovered that the green-lipped mussel had a positive effect on the joints when they compared the eating habits of people living on the coast with those living inland. Furthermore, they found that the latter, with their preference for green-lipped mussels, were much less likely to suffer from inflammatory joint problems than their counterparts living further inland.
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