Tips to Make Healthiest Manuka Honey Cookies with Recipes for Christmas 2021

Tips to Make Healthiest Manuka Honey Cookies with Recipes for Christmas 2021 - TURNER New Zealand

Did you know that it's possible to stick to your healthy living preferences and still eat Christmas cookies? It's all about choosing your cookie recipes wisely and finding sneaky ways to enjoy delicious and healthy Christmas cookies.  If you're looking for some tips and guidance on just how to go about doing that, take a close look at these inspirational (and delicious) recipes below to see just how accessible it is.


Tips to choose healthy ingredients for cookie recipes

When it comes to deciding just how you want to stack your (dessert) plate, focusing on the right core ingredients -- literally -- is going to be essential to getting those holiday cookies just right!  Here are some of the top focus areas to learn about.


1. Change your flour source

Most cookies call for pastry flour or white flour. Both of these lack nutritional power, though.  One significant change is switching your flour source to whole wheat flour or, even better, soaked oatmeal!  If you're worried about the taste being too jarring, you can ease yourself into it by halving white/pastry with your healthier choice.


2. Use honey as a sweetener

Whether you use classic table sugar or some sort of sweetener equivalent, why not consider organic Manuka honey as your sweetening agent instead? It'll be all-natural sugar, and it will be richer and gentler than classic sugar options.

It also has added health benefits for improving your digestive health and enjoying a higher immunity -- which is all too important these days, with COVID-19 still a threat. 


    3. Change out butter for a healthier alternative

    Butter is one of the worst ingredients in cookies for health, so try substituting something else instead! Many use peanut butter (or almond butter) or perhaps mashed pumpkin or banana.  There are many ways to play around with the butter portion, so try whatever you think you'll enjoy most.


      4. Size matters

      You probably think that smaller is better, right? Actually, no!  When it comes to cookie size, try going a little bigger.  Many people will grab two cookies at a time because one "isn't enough." This leads them to overindulge. 

      If you make the cookies just a bit bigger, you'll find that one will hit the spot, and you won't need to have two.  This means you eat less because less is more!  Or, something like that.  A good rule of thumb is to aim for making nine cookies instead of 12 per batch.


        All of these details will help you learn how to take the proper approach to healthy Christmas cookies.  Curious as to how you put that all into action?  Here are some delicious recipes that will give everyone something to nibble on.


        Here are 3 most inspirational Manuka honey Christmas cookies you can try

        All of these are focused on Manuka honey, of course, but they're also going to be holiday-ready and perfect for satiating those with a sweet tooth.  The whole point of the holidays is to enjoy sweets and treats, after all.  This is a guilt-free way to do that and still enjoy the actual cookies.


        1. Holiday Honey Cookies

        Oats manuka honey cookies chritsmas

        A classic taste with a touch of something different, these are going to be perfect for decorating just like your classic sugar or shortbread cookies! You'll want to grab your favorite holiday shapes and get those icing tubes and sprinkles out!  Now the question is: do you notice the difference in the honey addition?  Or does it taste just like Grandma used to make? Get the directions here.


        2. Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies

        Choco chips manuka honey cookies

        While they may not be a Christmas tradition, they are fantastic at any holiday get-together.  Bonus points if you use red and green chocolate chips!  These will taste just like your classic chocolate chip cookies, but that slight aftertaste of honey is going to be extra satisfying. Get the directions here.


        3. Honey Spice Cookies

        Manuka Honey Spice Cookies

        If you want something like gingerbread but a little lighter on the spice flavor, you’ll enjoy these. These work up to be a great crisp, spiced cookie.  They are fun to put in many shapes and will be satisfying when you love gingerbread but find it hard on the stomach or simply want a change. Get the directions here.


        Is it healthy to eat a lot of cookies?

        You already know the answer to this, but it's an important answer: no.  That old-age expression rings true even with cookies: you can have "too much of a good thing." This is why health experts and physicians will always talk about eating a varied diet -- even within the world of healthy foods.  Your body will need a little bit of everything to feel at its best. 


        That being said, you can enjoy a few extra cookies if you make the mas healthy as possible.  All the more reason to start playing around with substitutions and trying out these honey-friendly recipes!


        What is the healthiest cookie in the world?

        Technically, it's called the Chikitsa Crumble.  It is a powerful cookie that will offer a chewy and satisfying way to enjoy a cookie.  This is vegan-friendly and offers 12 grams of fiber and protein along with five servings of fruits and vegetables! It's basically an entire day's worth of goods in a cookie. It's a wild world out there.


        Can I bring healthy cookies to a holiday event?

        Assuming that the host is welcoming sides/desserts from guests, yes! You'll want to bring a list of ingredients for the inevitable questions about food allergies and what-not.  But bringing healthy cookies to a holiday event is going to be an excellent way to help those around you explore the world of healthy cookies without missing out on any of the holiday cookie madness.


        What kind of cookies are good after dinner?

        For those that are evening snackers and want to make sure they're not up until 3 am on a sugar high, the right choice of holiday cookies post-meal will be necessary.  Generally, the best options will be low in sugar or use TURNER Manuka Honey UAF1000+ or TURNER Multifloral Manuka Honey UAF1000+ instead.

        As well, aim for those that have nuts or nut butter and those that rely on oatmeal. They'll satiate your snacking needs and will help you turn in as usual!


        As the holidays come ever nearer, preparing yourself with a suitable collection of cookie recipes is going to be necessary.  Regardless of the reason that led you to search for healthy cookie recipes, this will give you some know-how and a great inspiration to help you elevate your baking to the next level.