Potential of Manuka Honey- As Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Aging and Immunity Booster

Potential of Manuka Honey- As Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Aging and Immunity Booster - TURNER New Zealand

Manuka honey is all over the place in what it can offer.  One of the often-overlooked details that make it such a great addition to your diet from breakfast to dessert is its antioxidant properties.  If you’re unsure of the connection or why it matters, keep reading below for all of the details you need to know.


Manuka honey’s claim to fame

If you’ve heard of Manuka honey before, it’s likely due to its active ingredient, methylglyoxal (MGO).  With high levels compared to the other types of honey out there, this is the go-to choice for soothing sore threads, and wounds as they heal.  The other main thing to know and love about New Zealand  Manuka honey is that it is naturally occurring and certified independently to guarantee that what you’re getting is, in fact, Manuka honey.

Lastly, the reason that you are here: the antioxidant properties that are waiting for you in Manuka honey.  Well-loved for its taste and organic roots, there isn’t always a whole lot of discussion on its use as an antioxidant.


The power of antioxidants

The potential for Manuka’s antioxidant potential is best seen by taking a close look at just what the antioxidants in Manuka honey can do:

Potential of Manuka Honey

1. They help manage inflammation

This is the central role of antioxidants in the body. That’s why you hear so many doctors talking about the importance of antioxidants as you start to struggle with arthritis or other common aging concerns.  Antioxidants will help your body learn how to have a healthy inflammation response.


2. Boosts naturally occurring antioxidants in the body

Manuka honey also works at helping boost the naturally-occurring antioxidants in your body, besides supplementing with additional ones straight from the New Zealand bush. This will help your body increase its defenses and enjoy some “reinforcements.”


3. Help prevent and limit damage from free radicals

Free radicals enter our bodies from all sorts of places, including the sun and its UV rays, our cosmetics and beauty products, our food, and so on. They cause damage by breaking down our cells’ strength, which can lead to all sorts of long-term health problems.  Antioxidants will neutralize them, and this will both help limit damage and also prevent any further damage.

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    Making Manuka better

     Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey and its antioxidant properties sound great, for sure.  And they’re about to get even better when you factor in extra antioxidants, such as those found in UAF1000+.  Compromised of seven superfoods with potent antioxidant profiles, these will add even more power to the already prominent antioxidant count in other places.

    Raw Manuka honey on its own is a great choice when you are looking at the idea of setting healthy habits with your breakfast toast.  But you can supercharge it by sourcing carefully from those that offer additional antioxidant support.

    The sourcing of those ingredients is also going to be especially important.  The stronger they are, the more effective they’ll be in your body.  New Zealand is home to the strongest raw materials on earth, thanks to the natural hole in the ozone layer that creates more potent materials in their active ingredients.  This means more potency for all those who rely on them.


    Top benefits of proper antioxidant levels

    That’s all great, but why do antioxidant levels matter?  Why do they deserve to be a priority when you are looking at adding them into your diet?  Perks of prioritizing them in antioxidant honey include:


    1. Healthy immune system response

    Our bodies aren’t often equipped with what they need to fight free radicals. Therefore, the more antioxidants that we supplement, the better the starting response will be from our immune system. A body can only protect itself when it has the right “ingredients” to do so.

        2. A more trustworthy immune system

        While many neglect them, immune systems are essential in our modern world. Viruses, bacteria and other “nasty ingredients” are literally floating all around us and can cause short-term or long-term health complications.  The strongest defense we have against all of those things remains our natural immunity.  Antioxidants will help boost our immune system to that point where it will be easier for most people to rely on them.

            3. Delaying premature signs of aging

            Aging takes place in things like skin and eye health and the immune system. As we age, our natural immunity depletes, leaving us more susceptible to illnesses and viruses. The more we can help keep our immune system healthy, the better defenses our body will offer to potentially serious illnesses.


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              There’s never been a better time, or a better way, to upgrade the honey you have in your home.  There’s so much to love, from its delicious taste to its soothing and antioxidant properties.  It turns out that there’s a whole lot more to this thick honey than meets the eye.


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