Manuka Oil 101: Your Complete Guide on Manuka Essential Oil

Manuka Oil 101: Your Complete Guide on Manuka Essential Oil - TURNER New Zealand

Whether you dabble in aromatherapy or love the potential of essential oils for your beauty routine, there’s a new one that is about to take a front-and-center spot for no shortage of uses.  Not sure what to think of this new “pop up” product?  Want to know just what makes it so well-loved?  Take a look below at all of the details you deserve.


What is Manuka oil?

This natural oil is a rich, fragrant choice used for many years by New Zealand’s first people, the Maori.  While it has been around for many generations, much of the world is just beginning to familiarize itself with its potential!


Where does Manuka oil come from?

This comes from the Manuka tree in New Zealand, commonly referred to as the Manuka Tea Tree.  Manuka essential oil can be extracted from this tree year-round since it comes from the stems and leaves of the tree and not just the blossoms that only flower for a couple of weeks per season!


How is Manuka essential oil extracted?

Manuka oil is extracted through steam distillation to preserve its potency.  The resulting oil holds the bioactive compounds that make it so effective in its topical and aromatherapy uses. 


What are some uses for Manuka essential oil?

There are quite a few ways to put Manuka essential oil to work.  This is what makes it such a well-loved and versatile essential oil.  Top examples include:

1. Skincare: Used as part of your skincare routine, it can help keep your skin clear and smooth. It can also help with gentle hydration.


2. Haircare: Mixed with your shampoo or your conditioner (or both), you can manage flaking and dandruff on the scalp as well as those pesky flakes in your hair. It’ll promote less itching and redness on the scalp.


    3. Muscle therapy: Added to your bath water, this will minimize soreness in the muscles after a workout or a stressful day where you need support in releasing the tension.


      4. Aromatherapy: Whether you use it in a diffuser in your home or through more intentional purposes such as meditation, it has a deeply calming and soothing effect that makes it a popular choice for yoga, preparing for sleep, and so-on.


        5. Cleaning and general household use: For refreshing the air in your home, you can spritz Manuka and water in those closed off-spots, such as closets and pantries. This will infuse a gentle scent into your hard-to-reach spots where odors commonly linger!


          How does Manuka oil help with skin inflammation?

          If you are dealing with skin inflammation, be it from sunburn, eczema, or other such conditions, Manuka oil helps soothe the inflammation at its source.  It will help reduce redness and pain, itching, and discomfort often associated with inflammation. It is 1, 000x more powerful than Manuka honey, and it will often provide fast and palpable relief to those problem spots.


          What kind of essential oil can you use with Manuka?

          Manuka oil should be added to a carrier to reduce any chance of a reaction, much like other therapeutic oils.  You can also blend other essential oils with Manuka to add extra aromatherapy benefits to them.  Lavender is a popular one.


          Are there side effects to taking Manuka oil?

          Firstly, Manuka oil is intended only to be used around your home or on your skin/hair.  This is not intended to be eaten, even when diluted.


          As far as side effects from using Manuka oil as intended, skin irritation is the main one to concern yourself with!  Like any other essential oil, Manuka oil is potent and can be “too” potent for sensitive skin.


          To minimize irritation or breakouts, it’s a great idea to do a patch test first before using it. This will help you make sure that you aren’t going to react to it!

           Uses and Benefits of Manuka Oil Infographics

          What are the benefits of TURNER Manuka oil?

          TURNER Manuka oil comes from the east cape of New Zealand, and it is a 100% pure, potent Manuka oil that will offer you the best bioactive properties worldwide.  When you are looking at getting the best value for money, TURNER Manuka oil will be the right choice.  Top benefits include:

          1. NZ-sourced ingredients: This is what separates TURNER from the competition. Sourced from the wilds of New Zealand, this potent east cape Manuka oil will be much stronger than that sourced from anywhere else.  If potency is your first concern, TURNER will offer you the best strength.


          2. A stronger potency to Australian tea tree oil: Most people go for Australian tea tree oil when looking for dandruff relief or inflammation support. However, Manuka oil is going to be 30x stronger than Australian tea tree essential oil! Plus, it smells much nicer, too.  This is primarily an excellent benefit for those who find classic Australian tea tree oil too woodsy.  Manuka has less of that and more of a fresh rainfall scent to it. 


            3. Can be an all-natural deodorant: Many people find that using natural deodorants of other types will leave a residue that always finds a way to make it to the outside of their clothing. Manuka oil absorbs quickly into the skin and won’t leave any marks on your clothing -- and you’ll smell amazing all day long. 


              4. It can double as an insecticide: Have a bug problem? In a pinch, Manuka oil works as a great natural pesticide or insecticide if you need it.  It’s an excellent choice for those who try to rely on natural products as much as possible, too. 


                5. Bug bite begone: Speaking of insects, Manuka oil is a natural remedy to even the most painful or itchy bug bite! Whether it’s from that pesky mosquito that wanted a nibble, or perhaps a wasp or spider that got a bit too close, Manuka oil can help soothe the owie better than any kind of medicated ointment.  From the itch and sting to the welts and bumps, it all will get better, faster, with the help of this lightweight, pleasant smelling oil!


                  6. It can be an excellent choice for your dog’s dander: If you have mild allergies and your dog’s dander isn’t helping, did you know that Manuka can help with that? Not only is TURNER Manuka oil safe for dogs, but it’s also effective in helping control that dander, flaking, and more.  It’ll offer dogs the same kind of relief as humans.


                    Top reasons to make Manuka oil your go-to

                    You’ve got a lot of options out there when you’re looking at essential oils for relaxation, skincare products from natural ingredients, and even air fresheners.  What makes TURNER Manuka oil your best choice for, well, all of these?


                    A. One and done: From one use to another, Manuka is the minimalist’s choice. You can use it in a multitude of ways, and it’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to have 400 different types of essential oil for 400 different uses.


                      B. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties are worth your time: Sure, you’ve probably been using tea tree oil or coconut oil for that nasty food infection, but this will work better and faster. It’ll help you get your feet back faster.  Plus, there’s no oily coconut residue or medical smell from the tea tree oil. 


                        C. It’s your best choice: Whatever it is that you are going for, it will be the most potent natural choice for all of it. Simple and sweet!


                          So, it seems as though Manuka oil has quite a following for all of the right reasons.  When you want a natural, potent, and versatile choice to add some much-needed simplicity to your oil uses, this could just be the right choice for you!