Safe Kidney Cleansing Foods, Herbs, and Vitamins you Must Try

Safe Kidney Cleansing Foods, Herbs, and Vitamins you Must Try - TURNER New Zealand

As you likely know, kidneys are amongst the crucial detoxing organs in the body.  Responsible for filtering out heavy metals, toxins, and other waste products, they work hard even at the best of times.  Modern diets have a lot of waste and chemicals that push our kidneys into overdrive.  This leads to many people searching for reliable cleanses to help offer more support.


Want safe kidney cleansing to keep them feeling their best and working efficiently for better health?  It’s a great idea in our modern world.  Below are some of the herbs, foods, and vitamins that you can use to clean your kidneys naturally and effectively -- without compromising safety.


Top proven dietary choices to help safely detox your kidneys

proven dietary choices to detox kidneys

If you’re not quite ready to dedicate your life to eating out of a kidney health cookbook, you can look at detoxing your kidneys in more specific ways.  Below are some of the top choices that you can add to your diet that will help you safely detox your kidneys and push you along your journey toward better health.


1. Ginger

Think of ginger as a supportive ingredient in healthy inflammation management.  It helps keep your kidneys working efficiently, along with other organs, and can help dissolve kidney stones.  If you are prone to these, this is especially helpful. 


2. Stinging nettle

This has been a well-loved ingredient for a long time amongst those who want to keep their bodies strong and clear.  Since it’s a healthy kind of diuretic, it will flush out chemicals and toxins that tend to both take up space and also cause harm over time.  This is why it’s so popular in a lot of herbal detox capsules and many teas.


3. Boysenberry

Whether you enjoy this in its natural fruit form, or you rely on a powdered extract instead, this contains many nutrients in and of itself.  For detoxing, its primary function is the fiber content.  This helps keep you regular, which is a core part of flushing out toxins, waste, and other components that build up in your kidneys!  A well-moving digestive system is a clean one, after all!


4. Milk thistle

Popular in supplements and teas, this is a helpful ingredient specifically when supporting kidney function itself.  It can help protect them from harm and also keep their role managed even when faced with a poor diet or other lifestyle choices that can hurt kidney health.


5. Magnesium

At adequate levels in the body, magnesium can help support healthy kidneys.  When these are too high, kidneys can suffer.  However, when levels are too low, they suffer as well.  When supplemented at just the right amount, they can help improve kidney function.


How can I add these dietary choices into my diet?

If you’re looking at these supportive choices for your diet and want to know just how you should make room for them, you’ve got two main options: adding them in pieces or looking for something like natural detox capsule supplements.  These kinds of supplements are designed to help you target your goal of detox the kidney and manage its health while still staying reliant on natural detoxing ingredients for your choices.  Which is the right call?  Take a look.


A) Considerations of the piecemeal approach: A specific method is often the first way that people try. After all, it seems much easier to add one or two of these ingredients into diets, so it’ll be the best safe kidney cleansing support choice.  For some, this might work.  But it can also lead to complications.

The quality of each of these chosen ingredients may not always be as potent or “good” as another source.  You’ll need to be careful to ensure that you’re going with raw/unprocessed versions of these ingredients for them to be effective. 

Then there’s the fact that it can be easy to overdo it with portions of some of these ingredients unintentionally.  For example, ginger is really easy to consume in too-high quantities, making its side effects much more likely.


B) Reminders to the supplement approach: On the other hand, there are seemingly endless options of herbal detox capsules. You’ll find many different brands and potencies to help you naturally support and clean your kidneys for better health overall.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about the sheer amount of choices?  Here’s a pro tip: Relying on the information you’ve read about above, source your brand and supplements by knowing the active ingredients and how they work for your body.  This will help you ensure that you’re trusting a supplement that’s actually going to do what it says it will. 


What else can I do to help keep my kidneys clean?

Other than cleansing, you can do more daily to help support your kidneys.  One of the most important things is to stay hydrated.  Most of us walk around dehydrated every single day and don’t even know it.  Since our bodies  rely on water for every biological process, staying hydrated will help those biological processes to function much better.


Food to keep kidneys clean

Another consideration is to explore the idea of a daily diet more focused on kidneys.  You don’t need to start eating out of a kidney cookbook necessarily, as mentioned, but you can add in a few meals here and there to help give your kidneys a natural boost.  Sometimes minor changes like those can really make a huge difference to your overall health. 


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This, combined with safe and daily natural detox capsule supplements, can support you on your journey.  From once a month to once a week, every little step towards better safe kidney cleansing and support can go a long way to helping you feel better.


There are many ways that we can help our kidneys function better daily.  Whether it’s through a dedicated piecemeal approach or something like a capsule choice, the right step you take toward better kidney health is always going to be a great way to help move your health forward in a big way.