New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Oil: What Should I Know?

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Oil: What Should I Know? - TURNER New Zealand

There are many supplements that you can consider adding to your diet regularly. Why should you choose New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Oil? Even amongst all of the competition, it’s one of the best options to offer supplementation worth your time. Here’s what you should know. 


What is a green-lipped mussel and where can it be found?

This is a special kind of mussel that comes from unpolluted New Zealand waters.  The healthiest and most potent mussels are those which are wild-harvested as opposed to farmed.  While they can be grown in other place, the classic New Zealand have the best nutritional value for its oil.

They are characterized by their green rim (aka lip) on both top and bottom of the mussel shell.  This is where the name comes from as well!


What is green-lipped mussel oil?

Coming from New Zealand green-lipped mussel, the oil comes from a precise ultrasonic cold extraction. Instead of a powder, this is pure oil and is much stronger as a result. The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are preserved through the extraction process.

Green lipped mussel farms New Zealand

How does this mussel oil work?

Simply, it works in collaboration with your body to help make it stronger and better. Specifically, this will target inflammation, offers digestive support when needed, and helps significantly with those who are dealing with sore, swollen joints.

Are you looking for more detail on how you can expect green-lipped mussel oil to work? Take a look below for all of the ways in how this will support your body.



Most of us live with chronic inflammation every day and don’t even know it, thanks to our modern diet being high in omega-6 fatty acids. The right balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids is crucial, but the body cannot produce omega-3s on its own, making proper supplementation essential.

Since most eat a diet that comes from factory farming and other fatty foods, they are unknowingly loading their body with omega-6 but don’t have sufficient omega-3s in their diet to balance it out. This imbalance leads to chronic, widespread inflammation over time. Proper supplementation of naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids will counteract that inflammation.  



If you suffer from a sensitive stomach or a digestive system that is slow or struggling, you’ll find relief in green-lipped mussel oil capsules as well. By minimizing inflammation throughout the body, each cell is going to be stronger. In turn, this means your body is simply going to work “better” than ever. Your stomach and digestive tract will get an upgrade, and you’ll notice less stomach sensitivity, better digestion, and more regularity to keep you comfortable and healthy.


Joint support

One of the most noticed and most-loved benefits of our green-lipped mussel oil capsules is that it has an impressive positive impact, specifically on joint inflammation. You get not only dedicated omega-3 fatty acids but a combination of ETA, which is a specific kind of omega-3 that will directly target inflammation, and 15 other types of omega-3s that will all come together to deliver exceptional joint support.

This support could take the form of reduced joint tenderness and swelling, and it also helps reduce morning stiffness and even fatigue throughout the day, offering you better and easier movement all day long.


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Is this safe for me?

Coming to you straight from its natural New Zealand roots, green-lipped mussel oil is safe for you and all of those in your family! It will help fight inflammation and deliver excellent digestion to whoever needs it.

Many even will give it to their pet during developmental, adult, and senior years to help them enjoy easier digestion and prevent joint issues, both of which are common in many dog breeds.

From you to your family and even your furry friends, green-lipped mussel oil can offer comfort and relief to whoever needs it.

If you are allergic to shellfish, we wouldn’t recommend green-lipped mussel oil capsules since they are shellfish. You may also want to talk to your doctor about this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Green lipped mussels

Can green-lipped mussel oil help with arthritis?

As our studies have shown, there are serious advantages of this oil when it comes to arthritis. Shown both through reduced swelling and tenderness, as well as delayed fatigue throughout the day, it will help those with arthritis get more out of every day -- pain-free naturally rather than medication-induced reduction of symptoms. This supplement treats the underlying condition rather than smothering the natural response.


How nutritious is green-lipped mussel oil?

Extremely! This nutrition is best shown through research from decades ago that studied Maoris and the difference in how they age. When comparing coast-dwelling Maoris with those who lived elsewhere in the land, those who lived along the coast had excellent joints despite their age. Researchers found this to be due to the regular consumption of green-lipped mussels, which weren’t present in those who lived elsewhere.


What is the best green lipped mussel supplement for humans?

Even when compared to other similar products, ours outperforms them all. This effectiveness is due to a few reasons, all of which work in your favor.

Firstly, they are native to New Zealand and are carefully cultivated in clean, carefully maintained ocean waters. There is no use of artificial food, additives, pesticides, or antibiotics. Everything you are getting will be as pure as the unpolluted environment from which it comes. A healthy, robust, and natural growth is crucial to starting from a suitable base. This base makes sustainable cultivation that immediately puts it ahead of others who do not focus on the growth environment.

Secondly, the patented TURNER New Zealand Ultrasonic Cold Extraction Technology is responsible for helping enhance the overall strength and effectiveness of the oil itself.

Between the natural growth environment and the TURNER New Zealand Ultrasonic Cold Extraction Technology, the result will be better than anything else on the market regarding actual results with anti-inflammation.


Is green-lipped mussel oil safe for dogs?

Yes, green-lipped mussel oil is safe for dogs and cats!  In fact, it’s a great supplement to consider if your pet is dealing with inflammation or other common aging concerns. 

Talk to your vet about what dosage to give to your pet, since pet size varies so much between dog breed sizes!

One of the best benefits of GLMO for pet is that it is a tiny softgels and is easy to hide in all sorts of sneaky ways.  No more sneaky pets eating around giant, easily sniffed-out capsules!


What else should I know?

When you take our capsules, you’ll enjoy no fishy aftertaste or gassiness/belching, all of which are common with fish oil capsules or other options for natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids. While you may notice a slight smell of marine life with our capsules, this is because the oil is coming from actual, authentic sources!

If you are comfortable with the taste of mussels, you can let them melt on the tongue for faster ingredient absorption directly through the mouth. If you don’t, however, swallowing them down will still give you all of the benefits you seek!


Can I cook green-lipped mussels?

Absolutely! You can enjoy green lipped mussels in their original form by boiling and then seasoning to taste, try this recipe. Many have enjoyed them this way over the years. If you don’t have much of a taste for mussels, however, you may find that switching to green-lipped mussel oil capsules helps you enjoy all -- and more -- of the benefits without the taste or preparation time!