Astaxanthin: Top Sources and Benefits of Taking it Every Single Day

Astaxanthin: Top Sources and Benefits of Taking it Every Single Day - TURNER New Zealand

Big words are frustrating, mainly when they’re used talking about improving your health.  One of the ones that you hear about a lot these days is astaxanthin.  But, what is it?  What does it do?  Why do you care?  And, most importantly, is it going to be worth learning how to say the word?  It’s a valid concern, after all.  All of that, and more, below.


Consider this to be your go-to guide for when you are looking for all you need to know about this natural antioxidant and why finding the best astaxanthin capsules will be such a positive experience for your general health and well-being.  Spoiler: it’s going to go much further than you might have thought when reading this title!


Where can I find astaxanthin?

Top Sources of Astaxanthin

The first step to knowing where to find it is understanding what it is.  Coming from algae, this is a naturally occurring antioxidant leading the pack as far as its overall potential for its work as an antioxidant in the body.  In a supplement form, its potency stretches far and wide.  But let’s back it up to its starting point.


You can find it in microorganisms and marine animals.  The pigment creates the red color that you see in shrimp and algae, for example.  It is at its strongest in carefully cultivated algae.  Therefore, a lab with carefully focused procedures and perfectly controlled environments for its algae will be the best actual source.  What does this mean for you?  Not all supplements will be the same, so you’ll need to be particular in choosing the best astaxanthin supplement that prioritizes sourcing as much as you do!


Benefits of taking Astaxanthin every single day

Considering just why you should add it into your pill pack daily when you have other things you feel you need to focus on?  Here are just some of the benefits of Astaxanthin that you can expect to see and feel when adding it into your diet:


Benefits of taking astaxanthin everyday

Support with eye fatigue

Our eyes do a lot for us, of course.  There are three main “places” where your eyes will struggle.  These are most often eye fatigue, eye strain, and eye accommodation.

Screens cause eye fatigue.  Whether you’re scrolling on your phone or working late on your computer (again), your eyes tire from the blue light emitted by the screens.  This can feel like blurring, double vision, or just irritating eye strain.

Eye strain is exactly what it sounds like—overused from focusing on textbooks for hours to switching focuses from a book to a chalkboard for several hours, etc.  Anywhere or anything that involves your eyes getting a serious workout! 

Eye accommodation is the fancy term for when your eye is switching distances (i.e., focusing) regularly—for example, taking notes or switching between two screens that have smaller text.

When taken regularly, you’ll find your eyes less sore, and you won’t need to use lubricating drops after a long day.  It may even reduce your physical feeling of fatigue in your eyes.


Reduced memory loss and cognitive decline

 As we age, our brains start to struggle with recall and overall memory problems.  Whether mild or severe, it can majorly impact your quality of life.  Since there are only so many crossword puzzles and sudoku you can do to help counteract it, astaxanthin can support slowing memory loss and general mental decline.


Supports cardiovascular health

 If you have a family history of cardiovascular concerns or just want to do everything that you can to help your heart stay healthy for as long as possible, astaxanthin will help with that.  It will help preventatively protect your heart and work alongside your other supports to help keep your heart healthy.


UV protection

The sun does a lot of damage to our bodies.  One of the biggest concerns is free radicals, which can degrade cells in the body, leading to widespread health concerns.  Astaxanthin will help neutralize them, prevent damage, and help protect cells that have been compromised from free radicals already.


Improved skin appearance and quality

Why go for expensive injections and creams when astaxanthin can help improve the skin’s appearance and actual quality?  With a difference that will be as visible in the mirror as it will be to the touch, it’s going to help overcome tricky and problematic skin, including for those who suffer from pigmentation issues.

This is also more than just a “cosmetic fix.”  It will actually help manage the actual health of your skin so that it is strong, properly hydrated, and healthy.  Better yet, this isn’t just going to be a change for your face, but your entire body.  This is a massive perk for taking an oral supplement rather than going with a topical product. 

All of these focus areas are common when you’re looking at different kinds of  health supplements and serums for your skin.  So, why not just combine the advantages in the best astaxanthin capsules?  It’ll be a one-and-done approach, and quite often, these will be health advantages where you can feel the difference when you go on them, and more importantly, when you go off of them. 


The thing is, you don’t have time or energy to waste on supplements that don’t seem to be doing anything.  This is going to be something entirely different because its goals are different.  Not every supplement will be this clear on what it can do for you in real terms because the goals could be more cosmetic.  This is going to go well beyond the surface to give your body as much support as possible.


Big words are overrated a lot, but without question, this is worth understanding and prioritizing when looking at what you should be adding to your day’s menu.  Since the best astaxanthin supplement is going to be small, fit in a pill organizer, and infuse your day with great health benefits, there’s no reason not to consider this a successful addition to your diet.  This is certainly going to be one word worth knowing.