9 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Gut Health

9 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Gut Health - TURNER New Zealand

Your metabolism and gut health often get marked as being complicated factors of your health profile.  Which they are if you ignore them. However, taking proper care of both of these factors will help you reach a better overall sense of wellbeing and health. The key is going to understand what real advice is for your metabolism and gut health and how to make it work for you!


Top tips to boost your metabolism and gut health

Below are 9 tips to help you understand your metabolism and gut needs and care for them properly. From relying on natural detox capsule supplements to getting some extra winks of sleep, some of these are going to be pretty foreign, albeit, helpful. Incorporating as many of these into daily life will help you boost your metabolism and improve your gut health! Take a look and see for yourself:9 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Gut Health

1. Prioritize your protein

Protein is essential in our diets, of course, but you’ll want to always opt for high-quality protein. If you get it to where it needs to go, better and faster, it’ll do more for you—specifically, more for your metabolism and your gut. Choose easy-to-digest protein sources, such as fermented protein, wherever possible! (for high quality and easy to digest, like fermented).


2. Consider a detox

A detox is often associated with deprivation and suffering, but there’s no rule that it has to be that way! When you choose a natural detox supplement, what you’re actually doing is offering support to your body’s organs. Specifically, your liver and kidneys. In a positive kind of snowball effect, this takes the strain off of your digestive system (aka your gut). It will help both your gut and your metabolism work much better. The more effective one system in your body is, the more effective they all are.


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3. Drink green tea

Green tea is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a direct approach to boosting metabolism. It also helps break down fat, supporting your metabolism further in its energy conversion process.


4. Go natural with weight loss supplements

When you are looking to rely on pills specifically for weight loss, it might be a good idea to go down a healthier path using natural weight loss capsules.  Not only are they intended for daily use, but they’ll help naturally boost your metabolism and offer some added nutrition in all of the problem areas.


5. Get enough sleep

Did you know that sleep deprivation can be linked to a slower metabolism? It’s true!  If you’re looking to help keep it as high as possible, one of the best things you can do is get your 8 hours of sleep recommended by experts.


6. Add in some spice

Adding some spice to your food can kickstart your metabolism, so don’t be afraid to get a little heavy with the cayenne or chili powder! Turmeric is another great option, too.


7. Bulk up

As far as the body is concerned, muscle is more metabolically active than fat is.  So, add in some muscle, and your metabolism will boost up as a result.


8. Prioritize digestion with a short walk after your main meal

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is to lie down after a big meal.  For the same of your digestion and your metabolism, as a result, the best thing that you can do is get moving!  About 45-60 minutes after the meal, go for a walk. You don’t need to walk fast or all that long. Just the movement enough is going to help your body start its digestion. 


9. Focus on your gut’s role

Your gut will play a vital role in your nutrition and approach to your body’s health. By prioritizing your gut’s health, you’ll learn to keep and promote the good bacteria and kill off the bad. This will help your gut work better, providing you with more comfort overall and a metabolism boost, to boot.

What is the connection between gut health and your metabolism?

The last 2 tips focus mainly on gut and digestion.  But why?  What’s the connection between your metabolism and your gut? A whole lot, it turns out.  Your gut determines many things in your daily life; digestion, nutrient absorption, and getting everything where it needs to go when it comes to allocation of those nutrients.

If your gut is unhealthy (unbalanced), the body isn’t going to work as efficiently because its “organizers” aren’t doing their job correctly. This impacts metabolism, amongst other things.

In contrast, a healthy (balanced) gut is going to be as efficient as possible, helping to boost your metabolism to where it should be. Will gut health give you the highest metabolism ever?  No, of course not.  But gut health is indeed a critical element to factor in.

When you combine this with the added support of a natural detox capsule supplement, for example, you can offer extra support to your body where it is most needed. Your body, in turn, can do everything within its power to help you feel at your best every day. 


Gut Health Infographics

How to build healthy gut flora and lose weight

As natural weight loss capsules will prove to you, metabolism is often a key part of weight management. For a complete picture, you’ll need to understand the techniques to improve that gut microbiome. This comes down to basic things like avoiding processed foods, which introduce bad gut bacteria, and prioritizing wholesome and probiotic-rich foods, which help enhance existing and promote new growth of the good bacteria. A happy gut is going to make for a happy body, after all!

Boosting your metabolism and promoting gut health goes a long way to helping you transform into the healthiest version of yourself. These 9 tips will lead you along the path to a healthier gut, and that will have all sorts of positive effects on not only your digestion but also your general health and wellbeing.